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2019 European Championships

Live Streaming:
(Stream provided by Yvonne Armitage on YouTube)
(Stream provided by RedDishTV on YouTube and Irish Pool Online)

-Streamed Match List Will Be Made Available Here-

Tournament Schedule:

Sun 10th Feb
1:00pm: Ladies Singles (Round 1)
1:00pm: Ladies Singles (Round 2)

2:30pm: Seniors Singles (Round 1)
2:30pm: Seniors Singles (Round 2)

4:00pm: Seniors Singles (Round 2)

6:00pm: Mens Singles (Round 1)
6:00pm: Ladies Singles (Round 2)

7:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 1)
9:00pm: Mens Singles (Round 1)
10:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 1)

Mon 11th Feb
9:00am: Mens Singles (Round 1)

10:30am: Ladies Team (Group)
10:30am: U23’s Team (Group)
10:30am: Seniors Team (Group)

12:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)
12:30pm: Juniors Team (Group)
12:30pm: Seniors Team (Group)

2:30pm: Mens Team (B + C)
2:30pm: U23’s Team (Group)
2:30pm: Juniors Team (Group)

4:30pm: Mens Team (A + B)
4:30pm: Seniors Team (Group)

6:30pm: Mens Team (A + B + C)

8:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 2)
8:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)
8:30pm: Seniors Team (Group)

10:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 2)

Tue 12th Feb
9:00am: Mens Singles (Round 2)
10:30am: Mens Team (A + B + C)

12:00pm: Ladies Singles (Round 3)
12:00pm: Seniors Team (Group)

1:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 3)
1:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)
1:30pm: U23’s Singles (Round 1)
1:30pm: Juniors Team (Group)

3:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 3)
3:30pm: U23’s Team (Group)

5:00pm: Mens Team (B + C)
5:00pm: Seniors Team (Group)

6:30pm: Mens Team (C)
6:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)
6:30pm: Juniors Team (Group)

8:30pm: Mens Team (A + B)
8:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)

10:30pm: Mens Team (A + B + C)
10:30pm: U23’s Team (Group)
10:30pm: Seniors Team (Group)

Wed 13th Feb
9:00am: Mens Team (A + B + C)

11:00am: Mens Team (C)
11:00am: U23’s Team (Group)
11:00am: Seniors Team (Group)

1:00pm: Mens Team (A + B)
1:00pm: Ladies Team (Group)
1:00pm: Juniors Team (Group)

3:00pm: U23’s Singles (Round 2)
3:00pm: Seniors Team (Group)

4:30pm: Mens Singles (Round 4)
4:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)

6:30pm: Ladies Singles (Last 16)
6:30pm: U23’s Team (Group)
6:30pm: Juniors Singles (Round 1)

8:00pm: Mens Team (C)
8:00pm: Juniors Team (Group)
8:00pm: Seniors Team (Group)

10:00pm: Mens Team (B + C)
10:00pm: Ladies Team (Group)

Thur 14th Feb
9:00am: Mens Singles (Last 16)
9:00am: Juniors Singles (Last 16)

10:30am: Mens Team (C)
10:30am: Seniors Singles (Round 3)

12:30pm: Mens Team (B)
12:30pm: Ladies Team (Group)

2:30pm: Mens Team (A + B)
2:30pm: U23’s Singles (Last 16)
2:30pm: Juniors Singles (Last 8)

4:00pm: Mens Team (A + C)
4:00pm: Ladies Team (Group)
4:00pm: Seniors Singles (Last 16)

6:00pm: Mens Team (B + C)
6:00pm: U23’s Singles (Last 8)
6:00pm: Juniors Team (Group)

8:00pm: Mens Team (A + C)

10:00pm: Mens Singles (Last 8)
10:00pm: Mens Team (C)
10:00pm: Ladies Singles (Last 8)
10:00pm: Seniors Singles (Last 8)

Fri 15th Feb
9:00am: Team Semi Finals

11:00am: Singles Semi Finals

1:00pm: All Team 2019 European Championship Finals

3:00pm: All Singles 2019 European Championship Finals

Full Fixtures & Scores:
(Provided by CueScore & euro8ball.com)

Mens Singles: CueScore
Mens A Team: euro8ball
Mens B Team: euro8ball
Mens C Team: euro8ball
Ladies Singles: CueScore
Ladies Team: euro8ball
U23’s Singles: CueScore
U23’s Team: euro8ball
Juniors Singles: CueScore
Juniors Team: euro8ball
Seniors Singles: CueScore
Seniors Team: euro8ball